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Welcome to the Renewed Russian Avant-garde Gallery.

This site is being developed in loving memory of Tatiana Kofyan, its creator. 

COMING SOON! Martiros Saryan, a delightful artist in the Blue Rose Movement. 

New!  A full remake of Kazimir Malevich's page! 4 times as many works! Rewritten biography with photos! 

Our new improved and fully reprogrammed website was launched in February. Since then 5 new artists were published and over 1000 new works were added! 

Work is  constantly being done to improve the website and provide more information, better and faster for you and to you. There are further improvements in work, and more planned, and I shall be glad to receive your feedback - of any kind.

Enjoy browsing and discovering the treasures of the Russian Avant-garde art presented here.

Vera Kofyan

New to Russian Avant-garde? Start here.

Welcome to the Russian Avant-garde Gallery. If you are on this page, I assume you know little or nothing at all about this wonderful chapter of the history of Russian Art, and I would like to help and show you this confusing world in as simple a way as I can.

What is th


Tatiana Kofyan's Introduction

I am hereby starting a Russian Avant-garde gallery. This form of art has come to the knowledge of Western and American public in the recent twenty years, while in Russia it has only been "permitted" in the last decade of the XXth century, before w


This month in Russian Avant-garde...

The following artists were born:

  • Baranov-Rossine Vladimir born on 01 January 1888 at Kherson, Ukraine
  • Denisov Vasily born on 01 January 1862 at Zamostye fort, Lublin Governorate (Poland)
  • Ryndin Vadim born on 02 January 1901 at Moscow
  • Avetov Mikhail born on 02 January 1895 at Kyzyl-Arvat, Turkmenia
  • Meshkov Vasily born on 06 January 1868 at Yeletz, Voronezh Governorate
  • Exter Alexandra born on 06 January 1882 at Belostok (now Bialystock, Poland)
  • Brodsky Isaak born on 06 January 1884 at Sofiyevka village, near Berdiansk
  • Alexandrova-Skovoroda Elena born on 07 January 1874 at Moscow
  • Istomin Konstantin born on 07 January 1887 at Kursk
  • Filonov Pavel born on 08 January 1883 at Moscow
  • Stolitza Evgeni born on 08 January 1870 at Budei Village, Odessa Governorate
  • Cheptzov Yefim born on 09 January 1874 at Medvenka village, Kursk Governorate
  • Korolev Boris born on 09 January 1885 at Moscow
  • Udaltzova Nadezhda born on 10 January 1886 at Oryol
  • Vladimirov Ivan born on 10 January 1869 at Vilna
  • Fonvizin Arthur born on 11 January 1883 at Riga, Latvia
  • Lvov Piotr born on 11 January 1882 at Tobolsk
  • Yakovlev Vasili born on 14 January 1893 at Moscow
  • Yakulov Georgy born on 14 January 1884 at Tiflis (Georgia)
  • Lentulov Aristarkh born on 16 January 1882 at Chernaya Piatina village (Penza Governorate)
  • Basmanov Pavel born on 16 January 1906 at Batalovo Village (Tomsk Governorate), Altai
  • Milioti Nikolai born on 16 January 1874 at Moscow
  • Yakunchikova Maria born on 19 January 1870 at Wiesbaden, Germany
  • Chekrygin Vasily born on 19 January 1897 at Zhizdra, Kaluga Governorate
  • Serov Valentin born on 19 January 1865 at St.Petersburg
  • Tarkhov Nikolai born on 20 January 1871 at Moscow
  • Yanovskaya Olga born on 20 January 1900 at Volynsk, Ukraine
  • Simonovich-Yefimova Nina born on 21 January 1877 at St.Petersburg
  • Vexler Abram born on 22 January 1905 at Gorki (Mogilev Governorate)
  • Braz Osip born on 22 January 1873 at Odessa
  • Ender Boris born on 23 January 1893 at St.Petersburg
  • Bari-Aizenman Olga born on 24 January 1879 at St.Petersburg
  • Boguslavskaya Ksenia born on 24 January 1892 at St.Petersburg
  • Bogayevsky Konstantin born on 24 January 1872 at Feodosia
  • Alexandrova Tatiana born on 25 January 1907 at Moscow
  • Shukhmin Piotr born on 25 January 1894 at Voronezh
  • Sysoyeva Tatyana born on 26 January 1893 at
  • Kobro Katarzhina born on 26 January 1898 at Riga, Latvia
  • Belkin Veniamin born on 26 January 1874 at Verkhoturye
  • Kelin Piotr born on 28 January 1874 at Beloomut Village, Ryazan' Governorate
  • Golubkina Anna born on 28 January 1864 at Zaraisk, Ryazan' Governorate
  • Yanson-Manizer Elena born on 29 January 1890 at Peterhoff, St.Petersburg Governorate
  • Vandyshev Ignaty born on 29 January 1891 at Vandyshevo farm, Orenburg Governorate
  • Pokarzhevsky Piotr born on 29 January 1889 at Elisavetgrad, Kherson Governorate
  • Rylov Arkadi born on 29 January 1870 at Istobensk, Viatka Governorrate
  • Belyanin Nikolai born on 30 January 1888 at Nizhny Novgorod
  • Kiselev Victor born on 31 January 1896 at

The following artists have died:

  • Petrovichev Piotr died on 04 January 1947 at Moscow
  • Tzionglinsky Jan died on 06 January 1913 at St.Petersburg
  • Cheptzov Yefim died on 08 January 1950 at Moscow
  • Niurenberg Amshel (Amshei) died on 10 January 1979 at Moscow
  • Axelrod Meer died on 10 January 1970 at Moscow
  • Sterligov Vladimir died on 11 January 1973 at Peterhoff (Leningrad)
  • Burliuk David died on 15 January 1967 at New York
  • Milman Adolf died on 15 January 1930 at Paris
  • Ben'kov Pavel died on 16 January 1949 at Samarkand
  • Shchuko Vladimir died on 17 January 1939 at Moscow
  • Belyanin Nikolai died on 20 January 1962 at Moscow
  • Suetin Nikolai died on 22 January 1954 at Leningrad
  • Maliavin Philip died on 23 January 1940 at Nice, France
  • Vasnetzov Appolinary died on 23 January 1933 at Moscow
  • Baranov-Rossine Vladimir died on 25 January 1944 at Auschwitz
  • Udaltzova Nadezhda died on 25 January 1961 at Moscow
  • Grigoriev Nikolai M. died on 28 January 1943 at Moscow
  • Zefirov Konstantin died on 31 January 1960 at Moscow
  • Grishchenko Alexei died on 31 January 1977 at Paris

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