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Welcome to the Renewed Russian Avant-garde Gallery.

This site is being developed in loving memory of Tatiana Kofyan, its creator. 

COMING SOON! Martiros Saryan, a delightful artist in the Blue Rose Movement. 

New!  A full remake of Kazimir Malevich's page! 4 times as many works! Rewritten biography with photos! 

Our new improved and fully reprogrammed website was launched in February. Since then 5 new artists were published and over 1000 new works were added! 

Work is  constantly being done to improve the website and provide more information, better and faster for you and to you. There are further improvements in work, and more planned, and I shall be glad to receive your feedback - of any kind.

Enjoy browsing and discovering the treasures of the Russian Avant-garde art presented here.

Vera Kofyan

New to Russian Avant-garde? Start here.

Welcome to the Russian Avant-garde Gallery. If you are on this page, I assume you know little or nothing at all about this wonderful chapter of the history of Russian Art, and I would like to help and show you this confusing world in as simple a way as I can.

What is th


Tatiana Kofyan's Introduction

I am hereby starting a Russian Avant-garde gallery. This form of art has come to the knowledge of Western and American public in the recent twenty years, while in Russia it has only been "permitted" in the last decade of the XXth century, before w


This month in Russian Avant-garde...

The following artists were born:

  • Kiselis Petr born on 01 May 1890 at Gribani Village, Kovno Governorate
  • Ulyanov Nikolai born on 01 May 1877 at Yeletz, Oryol Governorate
  • Krymov Nikolai born on 02 May 1878 at Moscow
  • Benois Alexandre born on 03 May 1870 at St. Petersburg
  • Popova Lubov born on 06 May 1889 at Ivanovskoe village, Moscow Governorate
  • Zavyalov Ivan born on 08 May 1893 at
  • Volter Alexei born on 09 May 1889 at Nizhny Novgorod
  • Dydyshko Konstantin born on 09 May 1876 at Kovno
  • Tyrsa Nikolai born on 09 May 1887 at Aralykh village, Erivan' (Yerevan) Governorate
  • Zaretzky Nikolai born on 09 May 1876 at
  • Bakst Leon born on 10 May 1866 at Grodno
  • Khmelevskaya Elena born on 11 May 1899 at
  • Pestel Vera born on 13 May 1883 at Moscow
  • Petrova Galina born on 14 May 1899 at Perm'
  • Molchanov Konstantin born on 15 May 1906 at
  • Bubnova Varvara born on 17 May 1886 at St.Petersburg
  • Ostroumova-Lebedeva Anna born on 17 May 1871 at St.Petersburg
  • Bystrenin Valentin born on 18 May 1872 at
  • Guro Elena born on 18 May 1877 at St.Petersburg
  • Kostrov Nikolai born on 19 May 1901 at Vasilievskoe Village, Vyatka Governorate
  • Romadin Nikolai born on 19 May 1903 at Samarra
  • Dosekin Nikolai born on 19 May 1863 at Kharkov, Ukraine
  • Deineka Alexandr born on 20 May 1899 at Kursk
  • Schekatikhina-Pototzkaya Alexand born on 20 May 1892 at Alexandrovsk (Yekaterinoslav Governorate)
  • Bogorodsky Fedor born on 21 May 1895 at Nizhny Novgorod
  • Brailovsky Leonid born on 23 May 1867 at Kharkov, Ukraine
  • Shevchenko Alexander born on 24 May 1883 at Kharkov
  • Rozhdestvensky Vassily born on 24 May 1884 at Tula
  • Zhukovsky Stanislav born on 25 May 1873 at Endrikhovichi village, Grodnensk Governorate
  • Lebedev Vladimir born on 26 May 1891 at St.Petersburg
  • Grigoriev Alexander born on 27 May 1891 at Pertnury Village, Kazan' Governorate
  • Mitrokhin Dmitry born on 27 May 1883 at Yeisk, Krasnodar district
  • Nesterov Mikhail born on 31 May 1862 at Ufa

The following artists have died:

  • Stenberg Vladimir & Georgii died on 01 May 1982 at Moscow
  • Denisov Vasily died on 01 May 1922 at Moscow
  • Shterenberg David died on 01 May 1948 at Moscow
  • Shukhmin Piotr died on 02 May 1955 at Moscow
  • Boguslavskaya Ksenia died on 03 May 1972 at Paris
  • Belov Kondraty died on 04 May 1988 at Omsk
  • Ulyanov Nikolai died on 05 May 1949 at Moscow
  • Saryan Martiros died on 05 May 1972 at Yerevan, Armenian SSR
  • Ostroumova-Lebedeva Anna died on 05 May 1955 at Leningrad
  • Lancerai Nikolai died on 06 May 1942 at Saratov
  • Somov Konstantin died on 06 May 1939 at Paris
  • Krymov Nikolai died on 06 May 1958 at Moscow
  • Kapterev Valery died on 07 May 1981 at Moscow
  • Ryabushkin Andrei died on 10 May 1904 at Didvino estate, St.Petersburg Governorate
  • Larionov Mikhail died on 10 May 1964 at Fontenay-aux-Roses (Paris suburb)
  • Yakovlev Alexander died on 12 May 1938 at Paris
  • Sofronova Antonina died on 14 May 1966 at Moscow
  • Kiselis Petr died on 15 May 1940 at Vladivostok, gulag camp
  • Malevich Kazimir died on 15 May 1935 at Leningrad
  • Volter Alexei died on 16 May 1973 at Moscow
  • Grabar Igor died on 16 May 1960 at Moscow
  • Stepanova Varvara died on 20 May 1958 at Moscow
  • Rozhdestvensky Vassily died on 20 May 1963 at Moscow
  • Narbut Georgi died on 23 May 1920 at Kiev, Ukraine
  • Shcherbatov Sergey died on 23 May 1962 at Rome, Italy
  • Kiselev Victor died on 24 May 1984 at Moscow
  • Shchusev Alexei died on 24 May 1949 at Moscow
  • Denisovsky Nikolai died on 25 May 1981 at Moscow
  • Khodasevich Valentiva died on 25 May 1970 at Moscow
  • Popova Lubov died on 25 May 1924 at Moscow
  • Feigin Moisei died on 26 May 2008 at Moscow
  • Bart Victor died on 27 May 1954 at Moscow
  • Zamoshkin Alexandr died on 28 May 1977 at Moscow
  • Pasternak Leonid died on 31 May 1945 at Oxford
  • Tatlin Vladimir died on 31 May 1953 at Moscow
  • Kravchenko Alexei died on 31 May 1940 at Moscow

Newly Added Artists

Popular Arists

Painted Ceiling of the Main Staircase in Nossov's Private Estate in Moscow
Surface Form in Suprematism
From the series 'Biblical Motifs'
A Bourgeoise Selling Her Jewelry, Petticoats and a Teddy-Bear
A Table with A Lamp and a White Vase
The Tool and Fruit of Production
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